Sheila Whittam,



Brief overview.

Sheila is a former art gallery owner, theater set designer, curator and picture framing consultant, she now focuses on her art studio practice. Sheila conducts workshops and art teaching particularly short courses to students from year 12 upward and beyond. Her teaching method and her own work involves the use of mixed media-2D. In the past her art work focused on narrative/social realism, featuring people in places such as the exhibition at Greenhill Galleries; which was about Aboriginal families in the North of Australia, or the series called Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker, about the traders in the Adelaide Hills.


Sheila's most recent art works were executed for her major work towards her BA Visual Arts and are about interior architectural spaces. See exhibition of works: Survey Thirteen which allows the viewer to engage with fairly complex and perhaps improbable constructions by pushing the boundaries of illusion, denying the geometric of space, so as to become more like structures of fantasy and imagination.