Sheila Whittam   2016.      Curriculum Vitae.


Born in Lancashire, UK.   Artist. Theatre set designer. TAFE art lecturer 1974-84. Fellow- Royal South Australian Society of Arts. (RSASA)  Proprietor and Curator of John Dunn Gallery, Bridgewater, South Australia. 94-2002.  Picture framing consultant.  Art teaching/workshop tutor; Finding Meaning in Making a short course for people of any age who want to discover their own creative soul.  I work with a small group who  I assist to explore their own thinking pattern to begin making art work about what they mull over. In this course we make up to six pieces of art work as well.  Held periodically in the Adelaide Hills. Contact sheila 0437327489 to book. 


Bibliography, references, published art reviews;

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2008 BA  Degree in Visual Arts, Adelaide Central School Arts, SA;        
2001 Diploma of Visual Art: Adelaide Central School of Art.  SA;        
1995 Fellow-Royal SA Society of Arts;        
1967-1969 SA School of Art,  part time studies.        
Selected  Collections:          
2009  Collection of series  2007 acquired, Fenwick Elliot Grace, Lawyers, 431 King William St. Adelaide.        
1996 Loreto College;  Adelaide        
1995  Office & Status of Women SA;     1993 Ghana Zenith Industry, Ghana, W Africa;        
1994 Adelaide Hills Council, SA;           1994 American Embassy, Pretoria, South Africa;         
1989 Stockport Medical Centre, UK;     1979 Commonwealth Art Bank Collection, Sydney NSW;        

   La Trobe University Collection, Victoria: 1978  Royal Adelaide Hospital SA



Selected  Solo Exhibitions:















Poetics of the Interior. RSASA. Jan 22nd- Feb 12th.

Hacienda. The built environment of Mexico. Encaustic on wood panel.

Paper Skins and Dwelling Places.  Hahndorf Academy, Regional Arts and Heritage.with Lauryn Arnott. 

( Jan 17th - Feb 16th.)


Portrait of a House.                      Hahndorf Academy. SA. 



SALA at Carrick Hill, You've got to be Dreaming, Springfield, Adelaide.Solo


2008 South Coast Regional Art Centre. Old Police Station. Goolwa.     SA Country Arts: touring. Solo        
2008  Hahndorf Acadamy, Regional Arts and Heritage, Hahndorf, SA.  SA Country Arts: touring. Solo        
2007  Royal South Australian Society of Arts.   Negotiating Doorways.Solo        
2004 Hahndorf Academy, Regional Arts and Heritage, Hahndorf, SA. Narrare.Solo        
2002   Wiregrass Gallery, Eltham, Victoria        










Other significant




























John Dunn Gallery, Bridgewater, Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker.

Rainmoth Gallery, Waikerie, SA. Home and Away

Greenhill Gallery, Adelaide. SA. Fertile Fragments.

British Council  Gallery, Accra, Ghana, West Africa. The Konkombas.

Jolly Frog/Reade Art, Melbourne St, Adelaide.  Called to love.

Wiregrass Gallery,  Eltham, Victoria.  Called to love.





Adelaide Central School of Art. Norwood. Graduate exhibition: Survey Thirteen.

Scarlaties Gallery, Clare Valley, SA, Shared with Phillip Pike.

Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide. Group of 8 artist, post Kuala Lumpur. Journey and Discovery.

Petronis Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 8 artist, Journey and Discovery.

Hilton International Gallery. Adelaide, SA, participating artists and curator. 4 artists. Synergy.

Hilton International Gallery. Adelaide, SA, participating artists and curator. Telling Tales.

John Dunn Gallery with Helen Stacey, Drawing and Visual Journaling.

Royal SA Society of Arts, Four Women Artists








 Artist residency at The Cedars. Heyson Home and Estate, Hahndorf. South Australia. Exhibition entitled Portrait of a House at the Hahndorf Academy was based on this residency.


Arts SA grant for studio residency at Central Studios, Grote St. Adelaide. 6 months period.