Exhibitions / FROM THE MELTING POT !

28.07.2017 to 26.08.2017

Encaustic on wood panel. Egyptian (Fayem) portraits date from 200 BC, were made from hot encaustic: bees wax and pigmented tree resin. They  painted pictures of the dead after mumification for funerary morturay cultural purposes.  The question most ask is, will the art works melt in our hot summers? To answer this we should reason that  historically the evidence is clear  that this material is extremely resiliant as attested to in a large collection of these portraits which have survived  for over 2000 years which can be found in museums expecially in Europe.  The long lasting material keeps its colour, will not soften unless it is exposed to 75C which requires a blow torch!  Sheila Whittam along with other contemporary artist, Jasper Johnd, Jenny Sages are bringing the anciet material into use again in their studio practice.  The method requires the material to be used while hot torches flame  heat guns and fire are part of this practice.